Hot Word

Hot words are inline elements, which allow easily adding interactivity embedded in a text paragraph. Hot words consist of a hot word element, and a hot word popup element which is shown when the hot word’s event is triggered, according to its <Event>.

Hot words are similar to hot spots, but serve a specific purpose of triggering hot word popups on interaction with a segment of text.

To convert a piece of text into a hot word, select a segment of text, and use Home > Hot Word. Inserting a hot word without selecting a segment of text will append a hot word at the caret’s position.


Hot Word

Event Select mouse over – The hot word popup is shown when the mouse is over the hot word, and hidden when it leaves.
click – The hot word popup is shown/hidden when the hot word is pressed.
Hide All Popups Checkbox When on, revealing the popup hides all other hot word popups in the page.
Hide Mode Select effect – Use an effect (if defined) when hiding the hot word popup.
plain – Hide the hot word popup without any effects.


Link To Media A URL to open when pressing the hot word.
Window Name Text The name of the window to open the <Link To> URL in. If no window name is given, the URL will be opened in a new window. Only relevant when a URL is set.

Style Rules

Mouse Over Style Style Rule Used when the mouse is over the hot word.
Visited Style Style Rule Used once the hot word popup has been revealed.
Active Style Style Rule Used while the hot word is active.

Hot Word Popup

A hot word popup is a generic element, available for edit when the hot word associated with it is selected. Additional hot word popups can be added to an existing hot word, using Hot Word > Add Popup.