Style Rules

Style Rule Style Rule Class style rule to apply on the element. Can also be set via Design > Style Rule.


Tooltip Text Advisory information to show when the mouse is over the element.



Name Text A name associated with the element, to be displayed in the elements tree, for easier recognition. Only meaningful at design-time.



Tab Index Number Index of the element in the tabbing order. A negative value omits the element from the tabbing order.
Hide Focus Checkbox When off, focus is visibly indicated by a dotted rectangle around the element. Otherwise focus is not visibly indicated.


Auto Adjust Checkbox When on, the element’s size and position gets automatically adjusted in non-Desktop modes, to try and maintain it within the boundaries of the document. Only available when responsive authoring is enabled.


Skippable in Screen Reader Checkbox When on, the element appears at the top of the page in screen-reader mode, and can be skipped using the Skip Navigation link.
Keyboard Shortcut Key Combination Key combination which triggers the action of the specific element. Only applicable for clickable elements.

Common elements might also have properties which relate to effects and narration. For more information, see the sequence manager element.