Property types

Listed along each property in the element reference is the property’s type. Following is a list of the possible property types and their descriptions:

Number Shows a number spin, allowing you to enter a number.
Unit Shows a number spin, and a unit selection spin.
Text Shows an input, allowing you to enter text.
Select Shows a list of options, which you can select one from.
Checkbox Shows a checkbox, allowing you to toggle the property.
Color Shows a color palette, allowing you to select a color, or transparent where applicable.
Media Allows you to select an existing file from the Media Explorer, upload a new file, enter a URL to an external one, or make a new recording. Different options are available according to context.
Style Rule Opens a list of the project’s class style rules.
Resource Opens the Select Document dialog, allowing you to select a resource.
Condition Opens the feedback conditions dialog, allowing to design a certain condition combination.
String List Opens a dialog containing a list of strings, which can be edited and localized.
YouTube Opens the YouTube video selection dialog, allowing to search for and select a YouTube video.
URL Opens the External Link dialog, allowing you to enter a URL.
Key Combination Allows you to assign a key shortcut by pressing a combination of keys.
Glyph Opens the Symbol dialog, allowing to assign a glyph to the symbol element.