Manage Review

Review invitations give specific users access to get a live preview of the course, and add review notes as necessary. The review manager provides an overview of all existing reviews and their status, along with the option to add reviewers, or stop, resume or remove an existing review at any point.

To open the review manager via the Project Manager, use Project Manager > Manage > Manage Review. Alternatively, the review manager can also be opened directly via Project > Manage Review.

Adding a review

To add a reviewer, use the Add button to open the Add Review dialog. Once a review is added, an invitation link will be sent to the reviewer to notify them of the new review request and allow them to begin reviewing the course. A review invitation can be limited to a specific part of the project, with the use of views. If the project has one or more translations, a review invite can be sent for each specific language, to allow reviewers to see what the course looks like with the translation applied.

In some situations, it might not be possible to email a review invitation to the user directly, or the invitation might have been somehow lost. In those cases, use Get Link to get a link which you can copy and send to the reviewer personally for them to access the review.

Review status

Each review listed has a status field, which can be used to track the progress made by reviewers. The status can be one of the following:

  • invited – A review invitation has been sent to the user, but they haven’t started reviewing the course yet.
  • on-going – The reviewer has started reviewing the course.
  • complete – The reviewer has flagged their review as complete.
  • stopped – The review has been terminated by a developer.

Editing the guidelines

Each review can have optional guidelines, which provide additional input for the reviewer with instructions or a personal message. These guidelines are set when adding the reviewer, but can be edited at any time by selecting the relevant review and using the Guidelines button.

Removing a review

At any point, a review can be removed from the system entirely using the Remove button. If the review is currently active, it will be stopped and the reviewer will be notified that the review has been terminated. After the review has been removed the reviewer will no longer have access to the project, unless they have other active reviews for the same project under a different view or translation.

Stopping a review

Instead of removing a review entirely, an active review can be stopped using the Stop button. This also notifies the reviewer that the review has been terminated and ensures they will no longer be able to access the project, but keeps their review invitation in the system, allowing it to be resumed at a later date without having to add the reviewer again.

Resuming a review

A review that has been stopped or completed by the reviewer, can be resumed using the Resume button. This will notify the reviewer that the review is active again, requesting them to go over the course.