Tasks provide a smooth and organized project management methodology. The tasking system of a project is open to Developers, Contributors and Reviewers with permissions to the project.

Using Tasks

The Related Tasks dialog shows a document’s related tasks, along with their status, assignee, priority, tags, comments and system audit trail. It is available from the Project Manager by using Project Manager > Home > Tasks. The dialog can be opened for the active document, using Home > Tasks.

The number of open tasks is indicated next to the document name in the outline tree of the project pane. If any of the tasks are assigned to the active user, the number will appear in bold.

All tasks in a project are displayed in the Tasks widget of the project dashboard along with their details, where they can be filtered in various ways. An aggregation of tasks from all available projects is available in the Tasks widget of the Composica dashboard.

Users involved in tasks (the opener and the assignee) also receive e-mail notifications for changes being done, tasks being completed and comments being added.

Adding Tasks

  1. Open the Related Tasks dialog.
  2. Press the Add button and enter the task description in the Task area.
  3. Use the related fields to assign the task to a team member, set its priority and assign tags to it.
  4. Comments can be added to the task by writing them in the Add Comment area and pressing the OK button to append them to the Comments area.
  5. Press OK to commit your changes.

Editing Tasks

  1. Open the Related Tasks dialog.
  2. Select the task from the tasks list and perform the desired changes.
  3. When the task is complete, change its status by checking the Closed checkbox, or by pressing the Mark Closed button.
  4. To remove the task, use the Remove button.
  5. The system keeps an audit trail of any committed changes made to the task. To view this trail, check the System option under the Comments area.
  6. Press OK to commit your changes.

Task Reports

Different task reports can be generated for a complete overview of the development process.

The Tasks Report dialog is available via Project Manager > Manage > Tasks Report, the Tasks tab in the dashboards, and using the Tasks Report button in the Related Tasks dialog.

Task reports can be generated for the scope of the project or for all available projects, and the results can be displayed and filtered in various ways.