The History mode allows you to restore existing documents to their previous revisions, as well as restoring documents which have been removed from the project.

To toggle the History mode on or off, use Project Manager > Home > History.

When History mode is active, the properties section of the Project Manager is replaced with a revisions grid, and the tags pane is replaced with the removed documents tree.


The revisions grid lists all previous revisions for the currently selected document, and is only available when a document is selected. Each time a document is saved, a new revision is created. Each revision listed in the grid lists the date and time the revision was created, the user who created the revision, and a brief description of the action which created the revision.

When saving a document, a revision is created without a description, indicating an ordinary save. Special revisions can be created by using Document > Save Starred, with an optional custom description. Starred revisions are marked in the revisions grid by a star icon.

Selecting a revision in the grid shows a preview of the selected revision in the preview pane, if it’s currently expanded. The preview pane always shows media files in their current state, regardless of the selected revision.

To restore the document to the selected revision, press the Restore button. See more about restoring, below.

Removed documents

The removed documents tree displays a list of all documents that have been removed from the project, along with the date and time of their removal. When removing a document which contains other documents, its structure is preserved in the removed documents tree, to allow restoring it with its previous hierarchy. However, documents inside the hierarchy can still be restored individually.

Selecting a document in the removed documents tree shows a preview of it, in the state it was before its removal, in the preview pane. The revision history of the document also shows in the revisions grid, for review purposes, but cannot be accessed until the document is restored to the project.

A removed document can be restored in one of two ways:

  • By dragging the document from the removed documents tree to the project tree, in any applicable position in the project’s hierarchy.
  • By selecting the document, and pressing the Restore button under the revisions grid. This restores the document to its previous position in the project’s hierarchy, at the time it was removed, if possible. If the project’s hierarchy has been changed from the time of removal, the document is restored to the top of the project.


When a document is restored, a prompt is shown, allowing to choose whether to restore media files used in the document to their state at the time the revision was created, or to maintain them in their current state. This only applies to media from the project’s own media library.

Restoring a document not only restores its content to the selected revision, but also restores any relevant document properties to their state at the time the revision was created. Restoring a document always creates a new revision, so that any restoration is also reversible.