PowerPoint import

Composica can import PowerPoint presentations directly into any project. Each slide in the presentation will be duplicated to a page in the outline, at the position requested. Once imported, the pages (the PowerPoint slides) are entirely editable and customizable within Composica.

PowerPoint presentations can be either imported:

Using any of these options, will open the Import PowerPoint Presentation wizard.

Select the source presentation

The first step is selecting the PowerPoint presentation to use as the source for the import. If PowerPoint files are already in the project’s library, they will be shown in the tree. New PowerPoint files¬†can be uploaded by pressing the Upload button.

Once you’ve uploaded and selected the PowerPoint presentation, press Next to continue.

Choose import mode

Choose between importing all slides from the presentation, or selected slides.

Select slides to import

If you’ve chosen to import selected slides, a list of slide thumbnails will now be presented, showing every slide of the presentation. You can select/deselect any of the slides by pressing them, or using the selection buttons at the bottom, marking them for import.

Once you’ve finished selecting which slides to import, press Next to continue.

Choose slide sizing mode

Choose between importing slides at full size, which maximizes the size of the slide to fit the size of the document while maintaining proportions, or manually customizing the size position and master layer settings for the slides.

Choose slide size, position, and Master Layer

If you’ve chosen to customize slide’s size, position and master layer, a sample slide will now be presented which can be scaled and moved around, like regular Composica elements. On the right, you can set the slide’s default master layer (which will show in the preview box, under the slide, once you make a selection), and also center the slide horizontally and vertically. On the bottom-right corner of the slide is an info box showing the current size and position of the slide.

Once you’ve finished customizing the slide’s size, position and master layer, press Next to continue.

Choose how to handle slide notes and comments

Composica can transform PowerPoint notes and comments into tasks on the relevant pages. Choose whether you want notes, comments, or both, to be imported as tasks along with the slides. You can also choose to mark the tasks generated by the import as done.

Once you’ve made your choices, press Next to continue.

Finalize the import

Finally, confirm your selections by pressing Finish to close the wizard and import the slides.