Project metadata


The project’s metadata meets the SCORM standard metadata definition. Even though providing metadata isn’t required by the SCORM standard, it is generally a good idea to provide such information if you plan to import the published course to a SCORM conformant LMS, or include it in a cataloging system.

To edit the project’s metadata, use Project Manager > Manage > Metadata.

The following metadata can be configured:


Language The language of the course.
Catalog The name(s) of one or more catalog systems that contain an entry for the course.
Catalog Entry The entry of the course in the catalog systems.
Keywords A keyword list that describes the course, used as search terms.
Purpose The purpose of the course.
Cost Indicates whether a fee is charged for using the course.
Copyright Indicates whether the course is copyrighted.
Description The description of the course, will typically be included in catalog listing and displayed by LMS’s.


Interactivity Type The type of interactivity provided by the course.
Interactivity Level The level of interactivity provided by the course.
Learning Resource Indicates the learning resource type.
Context The educational context of the course.
Semantic Density The level of semantic density of the course.
Intended End User Indicates who the intended viewer is.
Difficulty The difficulty of the course.
Age Range The intended age range appropriate for the course.
Learning Time The average time needed to complete the course.
Description The description of the educational or pedagogical characteristics of the course.