A style is a logic layer determining the basic look of each element in the project. Composica includes several system styles that can be used within the project. A single project can contain any number of styles, and different styles can be applied to some or all of the documents in the project.

All of the properties determined by the style can be overridden by a style rule or by changing properties directly on the element.

Adding a system style

To choose a system style during the creation of a project, select the styled project option and choose one of the built-in styles.

To add a system style to an existing project, use Project Manager > Manage > Add System Style and select a primary target device. This will open the Add System Style dialog, allowing you to choose the style to add.

Assigning a system style

Each document can have a system style assigned to it, either directly or inherited from its parent. To assign a style, use the Style setting for any document in the tree.