Tags can be assigned to each document in a project (including the project itself and Resources documents), to assist in organizing different assets, find them quickly and reuse them.

Tagging a document

Tags can be assigned using the Project Manager:

  1. Open the Project Manager.
  2. Select a document.
  3. In the Tags field, add relevant keywords separated by space or a comma.
  4. Press the Tag Color button to change the color of any of the used tags.

Alternatively, tags can be assigned to the current document, using Document > Assign Tags.

Tags are delimited by spaces, so to create multiple word tags use an underscore or a dash.

Finding tagged projects and documents

  • A tagged folder is available in the project and document trees in the dashboards, sorting the projects and documents by tag names allowing to quickly look up a specific tag.
  • The Composica Dashboard also provides a quick lookup search box for searching for specific tags (or text).
  • The Project Manager provides a tag pane under the tree, allowing to lookup documents by tags.
  • Searching for tagged documents across all projects is possible using Project > Find by Tags, or the Find Document button in the Quick Start panel.
  • Many dialogs give the option to search for projects and/or documents according to tags, including the Select Project dialog and the Import dialog.