Views allow creating different published configurations of the project, with varying contents and different run-time behavior. Each view can define which parts of the outline tree participate in it, and can override any of the run-time properties, allowing to create different configurations of the same project for different needs.

Managing views

To open the views manager via the Project Manager, use Project Manager > Manage > Views. Alternatively, the views manager can also be opened directly via Project > Views.

In the views manager, views can be added, removed, renamed, their trees can be defined, and their run-time properties edited.

To add a view, press the Add button, and set the new view’s name. To remove a view, select it and press the Remove button, or the Delete key. To rename a view, select it and press the Rename button or the F2 key, and set the new name.

To select which documents participate in the view, select the view, and using the project tree on the right check the documents you want to be part of the published course. Unchecked documents will not appear in the course, won’t be part of the navigation, and won’t be counted as part of the course’s completion objectives. A document cannot be included if one of its parent documents are unchecked.

To customize the view’s run-time properties, select the view and press the Run-time Properties button. This opens the Run-time Properties dialog, allowing to override any of the default settings as set in the project settings. Any property which is overridden can be restored to its default value, by pressing the back to default link.


To preview a view, select it in the views manager and press the Preview button. A project preview will be shown, showing only the documents included in the selected view, and using the customized run-time properties as specified.

Alternatively, a view can be previewed while designing a document, using Project > Preview. When the project has views, a list of available views will be opened, allowing to select and preview a specific view.


To publish a project using a specific view, use the View selection in the publish dialog. The publish dialog also provides access to the view manager, by pressing the Views icon next to the view selection.