Selecting a project

The Select Project dialog lets you choose a project to open, from any project in the system you have access to.

The Select Project dialog can be opened by using the Open Project button in the Quick Start panel of the Composica Dashboard, or Project > Open. The Select Project functionality is also available from the Projects tab in the Project Dashboard.

The projects in the tree are divided by the following, for easy access:

  • Recent – Lists the recently accessed projects.
  • Tagged – Lists each tag, and the projects associated with that tag.
  • All – Lists all projects, divided by:
    • Type – Either Projects or Templates.
    • Group – Lists each user group, and the projects associated with that group.
    • Owner – Lists each user, and the projects they own.
  • Archived – Lists projects which are not currently in active use, and have been flagged as archived.


The Look for input at the bottom of the dialog allows to search for projects by text or tags:

  • Enter the desired text in the input; or
  • Enter the desired tags in the input, separated by space or commas; or
  • Press the the arrow to open the Filter by Tags dialog, where tags can be selected from a list.
  • Press the Find button to commit the search.

Search results will be shown in the projects tree.