Composica, Copyright © 2016 Composica Ltd. All rights reserved.

The following software components are used in limited parts of the product:

  • 7-Zip, Copyright © 1999-2016 Igor Pavlov. In accordance with the GNU LGPL License.

Resources from the following are used in the product and/or its public media library:

Glyphs from the following fonts are used in the Symbol element

  • Animals by Alan Carr
  • Arrow 7 by Sizenko Alexander
  • Bakery, Cocinitas, Ecology, Farm, Laurus Nobilis, Profile, School, Vegetables by
  • Bergamot Ornaments by Emily Conners
  • Calligraphic Frames Soft, CornPop by Paulo W.
  • DripIcons by Amit Jakhu
  • Elusive Icons by Team Redux
  • FontAwesome by Fort Awesome
  • GreyMatter by candyfingers
  • Happie by Rasdesign
  • Linea by Dario Ferrando
  • ND_Urban,ND_Urban II by NEXTIA
  • Efon,Efood, Kfon by nan sakurai
  • NoticeStd, Notice2Std, Notice3Std by Denis A Serikov
  • PeaxWebdesignarrows by PeaxWebdesign
  • Pointers by Rowlett
  • Square Things, Stars for 3D FX by

Composica Ltd. thanks the groups and individuals above for their contributions.

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