Release Notes 10


Symbols are vector based glyphs, featuring common and useful symbols as well as various illustrative elements. Due to their vector nature, symbols remain high definition at any size, and they can be rotated, flipped, stroked, filled with gradients, given opacity and much more. Symbols are used to enrich the document’s content. They can be easily incorporated with the course’s design and color scheme.

Symbols are based on popular publicly available symbol fonts, such as FontAwesomeLinea and many others.

Symbols offer:

  • Over 4,000 customizable vector-based glyphs.
  • Rotation, mirroring, stroking, gradient-filling, opacity, and more.
  • High definition at any size.



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Composica now supports fully custom OAuth 2.0 authentication providers.

OAuth is an excellent way to implement SSO (single sign-on) via a centralized system in the organization such as an LMS/HCM. Any OAuth 2.0 provider is supported, including global providers such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and countless others.

  • Admins can easily configure new OAuth providers, or use existing templates.
  • Users can self-add their logins to any OAuth providers configured in the system using the new
  • profile dialog.
  • Admins can add OAuth login identifiers to existing users.
  • The system can be configured to attempt automatic OAuth login when first accessed, to facilitate a smoother SSO experience.

Other changes

  • WebVTT captions for HTML5 videos in Media player.
  • Flip (vertically/horizontally) property allows for easy mirroring of shapes and symbols.
  • Shadow Source (fill/stroke) property for shapes and symbols.
  • Auto Start property for native YouTube player.
  • Project > Edit Global Script for those scripts that need to run at course startup, regardless of the current location of the course.
  • Screen-reader mode enhancements.