Release Notes 11

Create Fully Responsive Courses

Responsive courses are courses that can perfectly adapt to the device they happen to be launched from. A single course can be viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, at any orientation, and self-adapt to deliver an optimal and unique experience on each device.

Composica 11 makes responsive courses a breeze to create and maintain, allowing authors to construct entirely different layouts for each device with minimal work. This new functionality isn’t limited to new courses – existing courses can be easily converted to be fully responsive as well.

Responsive course authoring:

  • Auto-adjustment of layouts to help get authors started on customizing each display size.
  • Inheritance flowing from the larger display modes to smaller sizes makes it easy to maintain courses, and effortlessly reflect changes in content and layout across display sizes.
  • Easily convert fixed-size courses to be responsive.


Learn more: responsive authoring manual

Set-based Master Layers

Dozens of beautiful new master layers are now available – fully responsive and vector-based, so they look great at any size and device.

Choosing one of these new master layers will automatically determine the default color-scheme and style of the course, so any sets introduced to the course will match perfectly with its overall design.

Just like sets, these master layers can be thoroughly customized with different color-schemes, and further tweaked and adjusted to the authors liking.


Navigation Sets

Navigation sets are powerful navigation-related templates which can be inserted and customized directly from the ribbon. These sets make it incredibly easy to add numerous navigational controls to the course with minimal effort.

Similarly to existing sets and activity sets, navigation sets provide almost endless possibilities and combinations, with highly customizable colors and designs, and with the full ability to be edited and tweaked once they’re inserted.

Google Fonts

A highly requested feature has been support of newer fonts. Composica now natively supports some of the most popular Google fonts, such as Open Sans, Montserrat, Roboto, and others.

Other changes

  • Projects can be archived, using the Status property in the Project Manager, which excludes them from the main project trees and shows them under a separate archived projects tree.
  • View > Contextual Popups ribbon button allows controlling the design-time display of context-sensitive popups such as Hot Spots and Hot Words.
  • Narration On/Off button now stops narration instead of muting it, and resumes playback after being toggled back on.
  • Fill Color OverGradient Color Over and Stroke Color Over properties for shapes allow having different colors when the mouse is over the shape.
  • Shapes render at better quality on high DPI devices.