Release Notes 12

Review Mode and Workflow

Any Composica course can now be set to review-mode, allowing authors to invite team members or external reviewers to review it. Reviewers can be assigned to review the entire course, specific parts/pages of a course, and/or even specific translations of a course (or any combination of these).

For example, if you happen to need someone to review only the Spanish version of chapter 5 and 6 of a course, it would be easy to assign that language and chapters to the reviewer, and the reviewer won’t have to navigate through the entire course to find the relevant sections and language.

Reviewers log on to a special dashboard where they can see their assigned reviews and manage them. As reviewers browse the course, they can add review notes to the current page. They are also able to highlight problems using a marker, to help authors understand the issue. Authors and reviewers can communicate further on a review note using comments.


On the authoring side, a simple yet powerful review management system makes it easy to keep track of on-going reviews, and provides a way to compartmentalize reviewers if necessary.

Learn more: Review manual

Menu Sets

Extending the existing capabilities of Composica sets, now menus also provide easy to use, out-of-the-box templates which employ the various layout possibilities of Composica’s built-in menus without having to manually get into the fine details of the menu structure.

These aesthetic menu sets fit in perfectly with the design language of all other Composica sets, and have the same rich color and design customization capabilities that sets offer.


Your Feedback

We greatly value your input, so we’ve added Send Feedback buttons right within the UI, to make it easy for users to communicate with the Composica team.

Any suggestions, comments or issues can be quickly sent to the team, which will do everything possible to address them in the shortest time possible.

Other changes

  • Contextual help buttons make it easier to find the help page for various dialogs and for the selected element.
  • Color codes can now be copied and pasted directly to/from the color palette.
  • Layout > Space ribbon options provide additional ways to easily space out multiple elements in relation to one another.
  • Lock and Group have been separated to two ribbon buttons, making it clearer which should be used in what situation.
  • More bullet options are available for Multiple Choice sets.
  • Google fonts now support the Latin-extended character set.
  • The New Project Wizard now shows a preview when duplicating a project or creating a project based on a template, along with some additional information about the source project.