Release Notes 13

Hot Spot Sets

This highly requested feature combines the ease of use and rich designs of Composica Sets with the flexible and versatile Hot Spots activity.


Thousands of new set templates are available for immediate deployment into your courses. Options range from simple reveals to card flips and full tabbed interfaces. All fully customizable. The new hot spot sets open your courses to a myriad of new possibilities.

Pack Multiple Languages in a Single Course

Composica courses with multiple translations can now be published using all translations (or a selection of a few translations) in a single package. Courses published using more than one language will display a language selection screen on launch. Whether publishing to the web, as a SCORM/xAPI package, or as PDF, authors can easily provide multiple languages for the learner to choose from.

Process Activity and Sets

A new activity allows easily representing a linear chain of steps, where one step leads to the next, in a beautiful, engaging manner.


Each step needs to be clicked in order to reveal the following step, in order to emphasizes the sequence of events.

The process element ties in closely with the existing capabilities of Composica sets, providing dozens of easy to use pre-made templates which are fully customizable and fit in with the rest of your course.

Test Feedback Sets

Test Feedback is now much easier to design in a way that fits in with the rest of your course – by simply using one of the provided preset designs, while customizing its color scheme and general appearance.