Release Notes 15

Branching Scenarios

The scenario element empowers authors to create interactions that route learners down different paths, through a set of branching scenes, to an eventual positive or negative outcome.

Each scenario and scenario scene can be fully customized and styled, and scenario sets can be used to get started quickly.


Scenarios have their own scenario master layer, acting as the background to the entire scenario. In addition, any scene can be configured to be “sticky” so it remains in the background after navigating to the next scene. This can be particularly helpful in flowchart-like cases.

xAPI Enhancements

Composica has been an early adopter of xAPI and continues to expand and improve support.

Composica courses published as xAPI now fully support CMI5 Launch/Profile, Video/Audio Profile, and SCORM Profile.


Magnifying Glass

Any image can be easily and beautifully magnified with the new magnifying glass properties for images. Magnified images appear in a popup as the source image is being hovered (or tapped in mobile).

Action-based Narration

Narration capabilities have been expanded and it can now be attached to elements that get revealed later in the lifecycle of the document. Such elements include Hot Spots, Hot Words, Hints, Glossary popups, Timers, Carousel slides, and many others.