Release Notes 8

History / Version control

Each document and media file in your projects now keeps a history of its previous revisions. A revision is created whenever a document is saved or a media file is uploaded. These revisions can be easily browsed, previewed, and restored right from the Project Manager and Media Explorer.

Removed documents and media are never lost. They too can be easily restored by simply dragging them from the Removed tree back to the project.

History comes with powerful features, including:

  • Browse, preview, and restore previous revisions of documents and media.
  • Restore previously removed documents and media.
  • Save Starred – Save an important revision of the document along with a description of changes. Such revisions are marked with a star in the history list. This feature can be used to mark major milestones in the lifecycle of the document.
  • Restoring a document to a particular revision can optionally restore all media files used in that document to their state at the time the revision was created.
  • Large media files can be excluded from history, in order to conserve space. The maximum size is configurable from the Administration dialog.

Read more about History

Online help

The Composica manual has been largely rewritten and thoroughly polished. It is available online at and it is fully searchable.

Intranet customers without Internet access need not worry – when Composica detects that the online help is unreachable, a local version will be displayed instead.

Security enhancements

Many of Composica’s customers are security sensitive organizations, and security is a top priority for us.

These are some of the security enhancements in Composica 8:

  • SSL encryption for all of our hosted customers.
  • Password hashing upgraded to SHA-256.
  • Passwords are unlimited in length and accept all characters.
  • Configurable password minimum length in the Administration dialog.
  • LDAP authenticated users may now use ‘Remember me’ securely.
  • Many other enhancements.

Compatibility and Accessibility

  • Compatibility with iOS 8.2 / Safari 8.2.
  • Compatibility with Windows Phone (8.1 U1 especially).
  • Enhanced accessibility and compatibility with JAWS 15+ combined with Internet Explorer 8-11.
  • Course SCORM termination compatibility with mobile devices (in LMSs that load courses within frames).

Other changes

  • Consistent textual line-height across browsers, even with fonts that would normally result in major differences in rendering between browsers.
  • Added ability to save courses as an app for mobile end users (“Add to Homescreen” option).
  • Importing Style Rules (from other projects) can be done directly via the Design > Create Style Rules button.
  • When narration is turned off, audio files are no longer downloaded.
  • Info sections in tests (zero weight sections) are excluded from Test Feedback.
  • Importing media files from other projects (via Import, Media Explorer, or Style Rules import) automatically renames files when necessary, to avoid overwriting.
  • Dragging in Drag Drop, Sort, and Matching interactions is possible even while a sequence is playing.


  • Links weren’t always working in popups under specific circumstances.
  • Mouse over styles weren’t applied in popups for certain elements.
  • Mobile devices were forced to open courses in current window regardless of settings.
  • ‘Strip…’ options in PDF publish were ignored.
  • One-level menus of type drop-down could be left open in some circumstances.
  • Centering of images in Media Explorer preview.
  • Many other fixes and stability enhancements.