Process elements consist of one or more process step elements, and typically illustrate a linear process where each step is followed by another step. Clicking on a step reveals the following step in the process, until all steps are revealed. The order in which process steps are revealed is determined by their order in the elements tree. To change their revealing order, drag and drop the steps within the tree or modify their <Step Index>.

To insert a process element, use Interactions > Process. The process element can be inserted in its default design, for full customization, or as an interactive set.


Play Mode Select every time – Process steps are reset to their initial state every time the document is visited.
first time – Process steps remain in their last shown state when the document is revisited.

Only relevant when the document is set to persist activities.

Process Step

A process step is a generic element, and its contents are fully editable. Additional process step elements can be added using Process > Add Item. To remove a process step, simply select and remove it using Design > Remove, or the Delete key.

Process Step

Step Index Number The index of the step, determining its order of appearance within the process.


Initial State Select The starting state of the process step, either hidden orĀ visible. By default, the first step is initially visible while the rest are initially hidden.
Hide on Click Checkbox When on, clicking the step hides the step being clicked while revealing the following step.


Lock Next Navigation Checkbox When on, prevents from navigating to the next page before the process step is revealed.

Style Rules

Mouse Over Style Style Rule Used when the mouse is over the process step.
Visited Style Style Rule Used once the process step has been triggered and the following step has been revealed.
Active Style Style Rule Used after the process step has been revealed, and until the following step is revealed.