Sort activities consist of one or more sort item elements, a check answer button, and a feedback element. The goal of this activity is to arrange the sort items in the correct order, as determined by the <Item Index> of the sort items, taking into account the <Cyclic> and <Correct Order> settings of the activity. Sort items are always shuffled at run-time.

To insert a sort activity, use Interactions > Sort. The sort activity can be inserted in its default design, for full customization, or as an interactive set.


Mode Select Determines the behavior of sort items as they are rearranged.
push – Items are pushed into new positions to make room for the dragged item.
swap – The dragged item is swapped with the one it’s dropped on, while all other items remain in place.
Cyclic Checkbox When on, the activity is considered as correct when the items are put in the right order, regardless of each item’s individual position.
Correct Order Select Determines whether the activity is considered correct only in its normal order, or if it is bidirectional, meaning that ordering items in the reverse order is also considered as a correct answer.


Animation Duration Unit The time items take to animate to their positions as they are rearranged. When off, the items aren’t animated.
Correction Opacity Number Opacity level (0100) of all items except the ones being fixed, when showing correction.

Style Rules

Dragging Style Style Rule Used for items while they are being dragged.


Description Text Description of the activity, to be sent to the LMS along with the result.

Sort Item

A sort item is a generic element. To add additional sort items, use Sort > Add Item. To remove a sort item, simply select and remove it using Design > Remove, or the Delete key.

Sort Item

Item Index Number The index of the item, determining its place in the order. Multiple items can share the same index, in which case they can be interchanged without affecting the outcome of the answer.

Style Rules

Mouse Over Style Style Rule Used when the mouse is over the item.
Dragging Style Style Rule Used for the item while it’s being dragged.