YouTube Video

YouTube video elements are used to embed streaming videos from YouTube in the course, using the native YouTube interface. YouTube videos can also be displayed using the media player.

To insert a YouTube video element, use Interactions > Mashups > YouTube Video. The YouTube video selection dialog will open, providing an interface to find and select a YouTube video, by keywords, URL, or ID. After selecting the video, use the YouTube Player button to add the video using the native YouTube interface, or the Media Player button to add the video using the media player.


Source YouTube YouTube video to show in the player.


Style Select The color scheme of the player.
Allow Fullscreen Select no – The fullscreen button isn’t shown.
when possible – The fullscreen button is shown when possible.
Annotations Checkbox When on, causes video annotations to be shown by default.
Show Related Checkbox When on, related videos are shown when the video reaches its end.