Adding chapters and pages

Each project consists of different chapters and pages. In the Project Manager you can create and manage the different chapters and pages of the project.

Adding a chapter

To add the first chapter, use Project Manager > Home > Add Chapter Inside. This will create a new chapter inside the currently selected item, which is the project. You can now select the chapter and change its title, by altering the Title field.

Adding a page

Adding a page is very similar to adding a chapter. To add a page, simply select the tree item you wish to add the page in, such as the project or the chapter, and use Project Manager > Home > Add Page Inside. You can also choose to add a page after the chapter, by selecting the chapter and using Project Manager > Home > Add Page After.

Most of the options of the Home tabĀ are also available by right-clicking on a tree item.

The project outline can be easily manipulated by using the Copy/Paste functionality or by simply dragging items from one location to another. For more information, see Organizing documents.

When you’re done manipulating the project outline, save your changes by using Project Manager > Quick Bar > Save. You’re now ready to start designing a document.

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