Adding tests and games

Composica has powerful testing and assessment capabilities that can be used for summary tests, self assessments and certification. Comprehensive performance information is communicated to an LMS through SCORM.


Tests are added to the project outline in the Project Manager. As with any outline item, their position in the outline tree can be freely changed at any time.

A test must have at least one section, so a default Test Section is included with every new test and additional sections can be added according to need. Sections contain pages with activities in them. The learner gets scored based on performance in these activities.

When a test is selected in the outline tree, different aspects of its functionality can be set in the properties area. For instance:

  • The Test Mode property determines if the test will use all available questions, or a set of questions selected at random out of a question bank.
  • The Sections Order and Questions Order properties are used to set the order in which the questions will be presented.
  • The Score Method property determines whether all sections have an equal score weight, or a custom weight per section.

In addition, tests can be time limited, their pass score and the number of allowed attempts can be set and much more.

Each Test Section has additional properties, which complement the test settings and allow further flexibility in the configuration of the test.

Tests are inserted to the outline tree with an associated Test Results page. A Test Feedback element can be added to this page, to provide learners with a detailed report on their performance in the test. This element can be configured to show as much or as little information as required.


Games employ powerful motivational elements such as competition, humor and the satisfaction of winning through applying a skill.

Composica Mind Games allow authors to utilize these elements and create experiences that learners can enjoy and from which they gain knowledge.

Game elements can be added to test documents and wrap the functionality of the test. Games support all settings available to tests, and while using them, performance data can be recorded to an LMS via SCORM.

Composica offers a variety of attractive games, each with its unique approach, focus, and level of playability: Master Plumber, Space Bubbles, High Hops, Rescue Mission, Game Show.

Games can be added via the game picker using Interactions > Mind Games > Game Picker, or by selecting them directly under Interactions > Mind Games.

Like all other elements, games are highly customizable, both visually and functionally. The author can adjust the difficulty level of the gameplay as well as the educational difficulty of the questions, and achieve the desired balance.

When the game element is selected, the author can use its properties to set the number of questions per level, the background setup, the number of allowed attempts and many other parameters. Some of the properties are common to all games, while others are specific to each game.

Each game consists of several layers that are used for visual and functional control. At run-time, the layers will be shown and hidden at different game states. Selecting the different layers for viewing and editing is done using the tabs at the top of the game element.

Question pages in the game are displayed with the game design and background.

After you’ve added assessments and games, you can now preview your work.

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