Creating a project

The first step to working with Composica is to create a new project.

Start a new project

Pressing the New Project button in the Quick Start panel launches the project creation wizard. The wizard offers various options, most of which are optional, for starting a new project.

To quickly start a new project:

  1. Choose New Project, and press Next.
  2. Enter the project’s title (providing a description and assigning groups and tags is optional), and press Next.
  3. Choose either Set-based project or Styled project.
  4. Choose the project’s primary target device or choose Responsive to create a project that’s adapted to work on any device, and press Next.
  5. Choose one of the available style templates, adjust it to your liking, and press Next.
  6. Edit the basic project properties (all of which can be left at their default values), and press Next.
  7. Press Finish to create the new project.

Once the new project has been created, the Project Manager will open. The Project Manager allows you to configure the project, manage its outline, and set different project or document level settings. You can now move on to adding chapters and pages.

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