Designing a document

Page designing is at the core of Composica. While designing, you insert and organize the elements and content that comprise the document.

Elements include basic design elements such as boxes and separators, interactive elements such as multiple choice questions and hot spots, and navigational elements such as buttons, links, and menus.

Design Document

To start designing a document, simply double-click the document you wish to design in the Project Manager.

A document can also be opened from the Project Dashboard, by selecting it in the Select Document panel, or by clicking on any of the document links in the dashboard widgets. The Open Document or Find Document buttons in the Quick Start panel provide additional means to opening documents.

The editing area

The familiar user interface of Composica should allow you to quickly become familiar with its basic features.

The main Composica user interface consists of a ribbon and several panels, and the large editing area. The editing area is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) representation of the document. In this area you design the document’s layout and edit its content.

You can start by Editing and formatting text.

Saving the document

Once you’re done editing your document (and every once in a while), it’s important to remember to save your changes. You can do so by using Quick Bar > Save, or by using Document > Save.

If you forget to save your document, and perform an operation which requires the document to be closed, Composica will ask you whether you want to save or discard your changes.

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