Previewing the project

The editing area of Composica provides a WYSIWYG view of the document, which means the way the document looks while you’re editing it, is the way it will appear when published.

However, you may wish to preview the document you’re editing, to examine how it interacts with the learner, and to view how all the elements integrate in the document.

Previewing the document

You can quickly preview the document you’re currently working on, by using Quick Bar > Preview, or by using Document > Preview. A new window will open, previewing how the document will look when published.

Previewing a document requires the latest changes to be saved. If you haven’t saved your changes, Composica will ask you if you wish to save the changes you have made.

Previewing the project

Previewing the document shows you a preview of the current document within the project. However, if you wish to see how the entire project will be viewed when published, you can preview the project using Project > Preview.

Once you’re pleased with your work, you can publish your project.