Publishing your project is the concluding step of your work with Composica. Once pleased with how the project looks and functions, you can publish it in various different formats to produce the final course. The published course runs independently of Composica, and doesn’t require any special software installed. Published courses are separated to two main categories, online and offline. Courses published online will be automatically placed on the web server, making them available without requiring any download. When publishing offline, Composica will produce a package of one of several optional formats.

Publish project

To publish your project, use Project > Publish, or the Publish button in the Quick Start panel of the project dashboard. The Publish Project dialog will open, allowing you to choose from several different publishing options.

Publishing online

To publish your work online, choose the Web Server option.

Once processing is complete, you will be given the web address of the newly published course. You can follow the link to view the published course, or use the Copy Address button to copy the URL to your clipboard. In order to remove a published course, use the Web Publications widget available in the Project Dashboard.

The course can also be published as a SCORM (1.2 or 2004) or xAPI package. In these formats, the system generates a content package that is fully compliant with the standard specification and includes everything needed in order for the course to be immediately integrated with any supporting LMS.

Publishing offline

You can publish offline to several formats, such as an executable application, an installation package, a zip file, and a PDF document. Choose the desired format, and press OK.

Once the processing is complete, a File Download dialog will open allowing you to save the published material to your hard drive. You are also presented with a web link to the file, in case downloading fails or you wish to pass the link to other users.

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