Starting Composica

Start Composica by entering its URL in your web browser. If you don’t know the URL, ask your system administrator.

Preparing for the first login

Popup blockers can prevent Composica from starting properly. In addition, recent changes in Internet Explorer require that you add the Composica URL to the Trusted Sites zone in order to enable all of its features.

Prior to your first login, follow the simple instructions provided at the login screen, to disable any popup blocker and to add Composica to the Trusted Sites Zone.

Note that Composica does not require the installation of any ActiveX objects.


Logging in

To log in, enter your Login and Password at the Login screen, and press the Login button. To avoid having to log in again from the same computer, check the Remember Me checkbox.

In Intranet environments that support Windows Authentication, Login may be skipped by using the same Login as your Windows account username. For more information, contact your system administrator.

Welcome to Composica

Once logged in, you are presented with the Composica Dashboard.

The dashboard is a centralized information hub and provides easy access to the projects in the system. Use the Quick Start panel to open an existing project, start a new project or import an existing one. If you are an administrator, you can also open the administration panel.

Press the New Project button to create your first project.

If Composica doesn’t start, try Troubleshooting.