Composica puts a high emphasis on collaboration in development. Projects can be developed by teams of people simultaneously, each author only locking the specific part of the project they’re working on. The different user roles supported by Composica allow different authors to control various aspects of the project, and each can contribute their knowledge and skills to the finished product. Groups further enhance the concept of teams, allowing each group member to only see the projects they’re involved in.

Beyond being able to work on the project together, Composica offers several unique features to support collaboration:

  • The task system helps authors keep track of the work getting done, and the work yet to be done. Team members can assign other members on tasks and discuss tasks through comments.
  • The review system allows existing users as well as external reviewers to see a live preview of the course, and add review notes for developers to address.
  • The developer blogs provide a common place to share knowledge, and communicate effectively regarding the project. Each project in Composica gets its own dedicated blog, where information relevant to the project can be kept integrated in the project.
  • The chat system gives team members the ability to converse with each other in real-time, right in the development environment. Several personal or group chats can be maintained in parallel, and conversations can be saved as an integral part of the project.
  • The dashboards are central information centers, centralizing application-wide and project-specific information in one clean and simple interface.