Properties pane

The properties pane allows you to modify different properties for elements in your project. The properties pane updates according to your current selection, and shows the real-time state of your elements. The properties pane consists of several tabs, and the properties grid. The tabs separate properties to 3 categories:

  • Text, listing all the properties related to the text of the element and its presentation.
  • Layout, listing all the properties related to the element’s layout and visual appearance.
  • Settings, listing various element-specific settings, relating to the element’s functionality, style, and more.

Regardless of the selected element, each of these tabs list properties which are common to all Composica elements: text properties, layout properties and common settings. Additionally, any other property can be found under the relevant page in the element reference.

Properties grid

The properties grid lists all the properties of the selected tab, and their current values, accordingly. The available properties can change from element to element. The properties list is divided into collapsible sub-categories.

To change a property, select it on the grid, and click its value. Each property type has a different editor, allowing you to enter or select values which are appropriate for that property. Changes are displayed in real-time, so you can instantly see their effect.

In the Text and Layout tabs, an additional column is shown, containing specifity markers. When a property shows a small pencil icon in the specifity column, it signifies that the property has been explicitly set on that element. When a property is explicitly set on an element, it overrides any settings inherited from its parents, the system style or any style rules. Pressing the marker will remove the property from the element, allowing it to regain its default or inherited value.

When a property is removed by pressing the marker, it cannot be restored by pressing it again. To restore it, you must manually set it to the desired value again.

Filtering properties

All properties available in Composica are divided to 3 levels: basic, normal, and advanced. You can choose to filter the properties you see to one of the levels, according to your level of expertise and personal preference.

To switch between the different modes, use View > Basic Properties, View > Normal Properties, or View > Advanced Properties.

Throughout the elements reference advanced properties are marked by a darker background color.

Floating the pane

To float the pane, either toggle on View > Properties Pane > Float, or drag the pane by its caption from its default position. Once floating, you can drag the pane around and position it as you wish.

To dock the pane, either toggle off View > Properties Pane > Float, or drag the pane back to its docked position.

Hiding the pane

To hide the pane, toggle off View > Properties Pane > Show.

To show the pane, toggle on View > Properties Pane > Show..