Managing a project

The Project Manager allows you to manage different aspects of your project including its outline and resources and its properties.

There are several ways to open the Project Manager:

Any changes you make in the Project Manager are not saved, until you use Project Manager > Quick Bar > Save.


The Project Manager ribbon offers quick access to various operations, depending on the selected item in the tree.


The tree allows you to overview two aspects of your project:

  • Outline, listing all the outline items in your project.
  • Resources, listing all the resource documents used in your project.

Items in the tree can be easily dragged and dropped in order to be rearranged and reorganized.


The tags pane gives quick access to documents by their tags. All tags can be browsed through by pressing the All button, and one or more tags can be searched for using the Tags input and pressing the Find button. Selecting an item in the tagged tree selects the equivalent item in the project tree. The tags pane can be expanded and collapsed according to need, by resizing it, or collapsed completely using the X button on the upper-right corner of the tagged tree.


The History mode, which may be toggled using Project Manager > Home > History, allows for restoring existing documents to their previous revisions, as well as restoring documents which have been removed from the project.


The properties section allows you to view and change the properties available for the selected item in the tree. Each item may have different properties available. Read more about specific project properties and document properties.


The preview pane displays a small preview snapshot of the currently selected document, and is only available when a document is selected. The preview pane can be collapsed and expanded, and can also be resized to any desirable size. Any changes made to the document’s properties are immediately reflected in the preview pane.