High Hops

High_Hops_300The goal of this game is to guide theĀ frog from the left bank of the pond to the right by hopping from one lily pad to the next. The player clicks on a lily pad to hop to, and needs to answer a question correctly to remain on the chosen lily pad.

Game attributes:

  • Win: The player wins by reaching the right bank. It’s possible for a player to win the game, but still fail the test.
  • Lose: The player loses when time runs out, questions run out, or lily pads run out. It’s possible for a player to lose the game, but still pass the test.
  • Playability: Basic strategy/skills required to play the game.
  • Test score: Questions that the player did not reach before the game ended will not be counted as part of the test.
  • Special features: The game can be played by two groups/people playing against each other.

To insert a high hops game, use Interactions > Mind Games > High Hops. Alternatively, you can use the game picker, which can be opened using Interactions > Mind Games > Game Picker.


Leaf Attempts Number Number of failed hops per each step (lily pad) before it gets frozen.
Players Select The number of players to play the game, either one or two. When set to two, the lily pads will be numbered to aid collaborative play.


Steps per Row Number The number of lily pads in a row.
Steps per Column Number The number of lily pads in a column.
Frog Color Select The player frog color, either red or purple.
Show Ripples Checkbox When on, ripples will be shown around the lily pads the player can jump to on each step.
Show Pool Checkbox When off, the pool is transparent, allowing customization of the game’s appearance.

Sound Effects

Hop Media Audio file to play when the frog hops between lily pads.