Master Plumber

Master_Plumber_300The goal of this game is to align the pipes correctly, so they will carry the fluid from one end to the other and not spill at any point along the way.

The game starts with the pipes in randomized directions. The player clicks on a pipe in order to rotate it. Some pipes are broken and marked with a wrench icon. In order to fix a broken pipe and rotate it the player needs to answer a question correctly. If a pipe has not been fixed, the question will simply transfer to the next level. Once the player believes the pipes are properly aligned, the valve can be opened by clicking on it, and start the flow of fluid.

Levels can be loaded from pre-made presets, using <Levels Preset>. Levels can be further customized using the Pipes Level Editor, which can be opened via <Levels Designer>. In the level editor, levels can either be created from scratch, or single levels can be imported from the level presets.

Game attributes:

  • Win: The player wins by completing all questions and passing the test, or by completing all levels (configurable).
  • Lose: The player loses when time runs out, or the test is failed.
  • Playability: Intermediate or advanced strategy/skills required to play the game, depending on levels.
  • Test score: Questions that the player did not reach before the game ended will not be counted as part of the test.

In the Game layer there is a solve game element, allowing the player to immediately solve the pipe route. This feature is useful if the designer would like to give the player the option to only answer the questions without solving the puzzle. This element will appear at run-time, unless it’s manually removed.

To insert a master plumber game, use Interactions > Mind Games > Master Plumber. Alternatively, you can use the game picker, which can be opened using Interactions > Mind Games > Game Picker.


Questions per Level Number The number of questions (wrenches) to display in each level. When set to 0, <Cycle Levels> should be set to off.
Levels Preset Select Allows to choose one of the pre-made level sets.
blank – Resets the level data to a blank set.
user defined – Allows you to design your own set of levels, via <Levels Designer>.
Levels Designer Special A special property, which opens the Pipes Level Editor when pressed. The property displays the number of levels in the active set. Changing the level data via the editor automatically sets <Levels Preset> to user defined.
When Spilled Select Determines the behavior when failing a level (the fluid was spilled along the way).
next level – continue to the next level, regardless.
same level – let the player try the same level again.
Cycle Levels Checkbox When on, levels are cycled when all levels have been exhausted and questions still remain. When off, the game is ended once all levels have been exhausted.
Level Time Select The time available for the player to complete each level. After the time has elapsed, the valve is automatically opened and the fluid starts flowing.


Machine Type Select The visual appearance of the machine generating the fluid. A setting of mixed cycles through the different machines with each level.
Tile Type Number The visual appearance of the tiles.
Tile Opacity Number The opacity level (0100) of the tiles.
Pipes Color Color The color of the pipes.
Joints Color Color The color of the joints connecting between the pipes.
Fluid Color Color The color of the fluid running through the pipes.
Liquid Speed Select The speed of the fluid running through the pipes, once it starts pumping.

Sound Effects

Rotate Media Audio file to play when a pipe is rotated.
Valve Media Audio file to play when the valve is opened.
Success Media Audio file to play when the level has been completed successfully.
Failure Media Audio file to play when failing the level (fluid has spilled along the way).