Rescue Mission

Rescue_Mission_300The goal of this game is to rescue the penguin from the hole in the ice by stacking fish under it. A fish comes to the penguin’s aid when the player answers a question correctly. The top-most fish will vanish when the player answers a question incorrectly. Once enough fish are stacked (6), the penguin is advanced to the next level, and starts over from the bottom.

Game attributes:

  • Win: The player wins by completing all questions and passing the test.
  • Lose: The player loses when time runs out, the test is failed, or the penguin isn’t rescued (see <Drown Mode>).
  • Playability: No strategy/skills required to play the game.
  • Test score: Questions that the player did not reach before the game ended will be counted as mistakes in the test.
  • Special features: The player may use special lifelines, including “switch the question” and “fifty-fifty”.

To insert a rescue mission game, use Interactions > Mind Games > Rescue Mission. Alternatively, you can use the game picker, which can be opened using Interactions > Mind Games > Game Picker.


Drown Mode Checkbox Determines whether the penguin drowns if the player fails to answer the question at the bottom of the sea.
Switch Question Number The number of switch question lifelines made available to the player.
50:50 Number The number of 50:50 lifelines (eliminates half of the possible answers) made available to the player. This lifeline will only be available for multiple choice questions, providing that they have an even number of answers.


Landscape Select The visual appearance of the background. A setting of mixed cycles through the different landscapes with each level.
Fish Type Select The visual appearance of the fish stacked under the penguin. A setting of mixed chooses a different fish type each question.
Sea Custom Checkbox When on, uses <Sea Color> to determine the color of the sea.
Sea Color Color A custom color to use for the sea.

Sound Effects

Level Media Audio file to play when the player moves up a level.