Space Bubbles

Space_Bubbles_300This is a traditional ‘bubbles’ game, the goal is to pop all bubbles (in this case, stars or dice) and/or answer all questions. The player aims a cannon and fires it by clicking. If the fired item creates a cluster of at least 3 items of the same type, the cluster explodes. Some stars have questions attached to them. When attempting to explode a star with a question, the player is prompted with a question. A question star cannot be exploded unless the question attached to it is answered correctly.

Game attributes:

  • Win: The player wins by exploding all items and/or answering all questions (see <Win Condition>). It’s possible for a player to win the game, but still fail the test.
  • Lose: The player loses when time runs out, questions run out, or the items are stacked too low. It’s possible for a player to lose the game, but still pass the test.
  • Playability: Intermediate strategy/skills required to play the game.
  • Test score: Questions that the player did not reach before the game ended will not be counted as part of the test.

To insert a space bubbles game, use Interactions > Mind Games > Space Bubbles. Alternatively, you can use the game picker, which can be opened using Interactions > Mind Games > Game Picker.


Questions Number The number of questions to attach to stars.
Win Condition Select clear all questions – The game is won when all questions have been cleared.
clear all stars – The game is won when all the stars have been cleared.
When Wrong Select Determines the behavior when answering a question incorrectly.
keep cluster – The rest of the cluster doesn’t explode along with the question star.
explode cluster – The rest of the cluster explodes, leaving only the question star.
Misses Before Penalty Row Number The number of “missed” shots (shots which don’t generate explosions) before a penalty row is added. A successful hit resets the counter. A value of 0 disables penalty rows.


Galaxy Select The visual appearance of the stars.
Star Sprites Select The number of different star types to use (a lower number will imply an easier game).
Stars per Row Number The number of stars per each row.
Rows Number The number of rows of stars.
Show Background Checkbox When off, the default background is hidden and the visual appearance of the game can be customized.

Sound Effects

Explode Media Audio file to play when a cluster explodes.
Fire Media Audio file to play when a star is fired.