Mind Games

Games can enhance the learning process by creating a dynamic and interactive experience for learners. Games employ powerful motivational elements such as competition, humor, and the satisfaction of winning through applying a skill. Composica Mind Games allow designers to utilize these elements and create experiences that learners can enjoy and from which they gain knowledge.

Through games, learners acquire different types of knowledge as each game develops different skills. The games offer different levels of playability: Games like Master Plumber or Space Bubbles emphasize the game part, while Rescue Mission or Game Show put more emphasis on the educational part.

On top of that, the designer has full control over the playability and the educational aspects of the game. Like all other elements, games are highly customizable, both visually and functionally. By adjusting the different properties, the designer can dictate the difficulty level of the game (regardless of the level of questions) as well as the educational level of difficulty and so create the desired balance.

This way, the designer can cater for a wide range of students’ needs; a student fluent in the subject learned should play a game where questions can quickly be answered, where the interaction would be more beneficial. On the other hand, a less knowledgeable student should play a game designed so all questions must be answered and so, thoroughly and repeatedly learn the subject.