Game layers

A game is made up of several layers stacked on top of the game, which are general containers that can contain any Composica elements. The layers are shown and hidden throughout the game according to their purpose.

Each layer has a corresponding tab, in the switch-bar at the top of the game. The tabs are only shown during design-time, to assist in designing the game. To edit any of the layers, press its tab.

Inserting elements to a layer

Every element in the game can be customized, and additional elements can be added. To add an element to one of the layers:

  1. Show the layer you wish to edit, by pressing on its tab.
  2. Select the game’s element.
  3. Click inside the element, to enter content editing mode. The active layer will now be edited.
  4. Insert any element by using the Basic Elements or Interactions tabs.


The following layers are available for all games:


Includes elements that are common to all the different states in the game. Should contain elements that should appear all throughout the game, and usually includes the game’s main control buttons like Help, Mute and Start Game.


Displayed as the game loads, until the game starts. Usually contains the welcome message and the game’s objectives and notes.


Shown during the playing stage of the game (from the moment it starts to the moment it ends). Contains elements relevant to the actual gameplay, such as the Game Timer and the Score.


The popup contains the question, which is shown throughout the game whenever needed. The popup tab toggles the popup layer on top of the active layer.


Shown when the game ends, if the player has won. Usually contains feedback to the player.


Shown when the game ends, if the player has lost. Usually contains feedback to the player.


Shown on top of the win/lose layer, containing the test feedback element. Only shown if <Show Results> is on. The results tab toggles the results layer on top of the active layer.


Shown over other layers, when the learner presses the Help button. Contains a short description of the game, along with gameplay instructions. The help tab toggles the help layer on top of the active layer.